mHT solutions for functional assessment are based on wearable sensors and smartphones. They provide an objective and comprehensive assessment of the motor performance during functional tests like the Timed Up and Go. You can have a portable movement analysis lab in your hands!


We provide wearable rehabilitation solutions for the restoration of the motor function. Our solutions can automatically detect the motor status of the person by analyzing her/his movements and provide real-time feedback to improve her/his motor performance. mHT can provide personalized rehabilitation outside the clinic!


mHT systems provide objective quantification of physical activity, characterizing user’s mobility and behaviour. Our approach uses wearable sensors and smartphone apps, offering unique advantages for long-term health monitoring. mHT systems can detect changes in motor patterns, enabling to counteract prolonged inactivity.

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mHT team has a long lasting experience on research and innovation, gained through EU research projects and the participation to a wide net of collaborations with national and international institutions.

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